A comfortable, alluring, and relaxing space makes all the difference. Since we spend nearly a third of our lives in the bedroom it is important that this space is cozy and stylish by correctly choosing the right bed skirts, pillow shams, bedspreads, coverlets, quilts, comforters, and duvet covers.

Why settle for bed-in-a-bag or commercially bought bedding with limited fabrics and designs? Let The Homestead Shop customize the place in your home where you spend the most of your time. A customized bed can make your bedroom a special place for you. A place that you will really want to spend more time in. The Homestead Shop can coordinate every element of your bedroom for a unique look and a luxurious experience.

Do you have a specific idea in mind? With an enormous range of fabrics and accents to choose from, together we can create a custom designed ensemble you will love.